What a great day to spend indoors

Sunday, September 10, 2017

It's a Sunday, its miserable outside in Cumbernauld, Glasgow and yet somehow today has been rather productive.  How you ask? well, for the past 18 months Arca Studios has been busy providing first class digital design services to our clients. With projects varying from Web Design, Mobile applications, Ecommerce sites and a range of digital marketing services.

With this amount of work Arca Studios profile has risen but our own website has... well....been left to feel rather antiquated in comparison to our clients websites. So today was the day to change that! With Spotify playlist loaded it was time to get to work and bring the Arca Studios website back into the limelight.

The old Arca Studios Website

So I got to work, created a new website layout and user interface. Updated our logo and corporate font. Updated all our social media platforms with the new branding...all in all a monumentous task for anyone let alone getting done in a day! During all this work my playlist was blaring me inspiration and in particular the lyrics of one song just seemed rather apt for the work I was doing.  The song I'm speaking about is "Happiness by the Kilowatt" by a band called ALEXISONFIRE.

It might sound strange as to why I'm blogging about music on a web design agency website but I found the lyrics saying almost what I think generally when developing a responsive website or application for a client only this time it was for ours.

"With the right drapes, the right paints
The right frames, this could really work
What a great day to spend indoors"

What essentially I'm saying here is with the right design agency....cough...Arca Studios...we will handle the drapes, the paints and the frames that develop your brand or business into something that really works.

The New Arca Studios Website

The End Result

If your looking for some helpful advice to assist with your digital needs get in touch today by either dropping us a message using our contact form or call 07988729934 today.

For any who are interested in the song I mention in this blog here is a link to the track on Youtube.