Google Adwords & Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click is a form of internet marketing in which you, the advertiser, are buying traffic to your website for specific keywords and search terms rather than the longer term method of ranking for these terms organically by search engine optimisation.


PPC is an ideal way to garner instant traffic and awareness to your website for your selected keywords. However, this can prove very costly unless your budget and campaign are managed effectively with the correct level of research and insight to what keywords will provide the best chance for conversion.


Google Adwords is the most popular type of PPC marketing but also the one that could see you blow through all your marketing budget in no time if your campaigns are not set up correctly. Our approach to Google Adwords with our clients is simple, Research! We begin with a PPC audit to research your business, your website, your goals, and of course your target audience. From that audit we can create the right type of advert and marketing strategy to ensure you get the most for your budget and the right results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising, are ads displayed to users on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram. These platforms provide an easy way to target your selected audience by serving up relevant content to the user based on their interactions and behaviours.

We will take your business, product or services and align it wth the target market on these platforms which can provide high levels of conversion and sales at lower costs of aquisition.