App Development

In the UK the majority of our digital traffic comes from mobile usage, most notably from smartphones. Around 80% of that usage is time spent using mobile apps and only 20% browsing the internet. With your customers becoming increasingly mobile, an app is crucial to keeping your customers engaged and you ahead of your competitors.


Consumers prefer to use mobile apps simply because of the user experience, speed, real time updates and staying connected. This is particularly true in Retail and Ecommerce, where users can easily be notified of a special offer or new product, open an app from their smartphone and make a purchase all within seconds. Look at how we all connect via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we all use their's just so much more simple.


Here at Arca Studios we provide mobile application development for Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platform. We specialise in the Xamarin development stack which allows us to create a single shared code base that allows us to develop your app simultaneously for all mobile phone ecosystems. So if your a business in Glasgow, Edinburgh or anywhere in the UK looking for mobile application development services get in touch today for a free consultation to see if a mobile app can take your business to the next level.

Cross Platform

We design your mobile app to be available across all major mobile platforms, one codebase provides reduced development costs and enhances speed to market on the Android, iOS & Windows app stores.

100% Native

By building all our apps using Xamarin we have access to the full catalogue of functionality available by the target platform and device. This includes access to platform specific capabilities and hardware acceleration.

Real Time Data

We can bring your app to life providing your users real time information updates connecting to your databases in XML, HTML, WCF Restful Web services, JSON, SQlite and many more.

Maintenance & Updates

Mobile apps need to be constantly evolving to keep your audience interested. With Xamarin you get the ability to develop and add new features, security maintenance to all platforms simultaneously.

App Store Deployment

Once your app is designed, developed and tested the next step is to launch it to the app stores. This process involves submitting the app to the relvant platforms for review and permission to release.


Your app is live! Now what next? We can provide reporting and analytics on app usage, downloads, customer feedback and future thoughts on where to go next.