Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Okay, so you have your shiny new mobile responsive website live on the internet and are just waiting for the influx of sales to take you to the top, but guess what...nobody knows who you are, especially your future best friend and business partner Google. Search Engine Optimisation or better known as SEO is the process of increasing your website rank as high as possible in search engines such as Google when potential customers are searching for the products or services your business offers. This is often a daunting task for any new business to tackle as there is no magic wand, secret tricks or quick fixes that will guarantee your website to be ranked on the coveted "Page1" on the Google searches. 

This is were Arca Studios can provide the right SEO strategy for your business and ensure you are getting a return on your investment by increasing traffic to your website and more importantly conversion rates. Every SEO project we do always starts with an SEO Audit on your website. Get in touch today for your Free SEO Audit to see what we can do to help you grow your online presence.


An SEO Audit of your website is Arca Studios first port of call when being asked to provide SEO services. As every website is designed differently, the type of information obtained in this audit will show us how well your website is currently optimised for search engines. This will allow us to provide you an estimated report of what work would need to be carried out in order to have your business rank as high as possible in Google. One thing to note is following a site audit we may find that SEO might not be the best approach for you to gain new customers as the type of business you are in may be totally unique, low keyword volumes and searches or possibly extremely high competition against large organisations with very large marketing spend. So a more direct marketing approach such as Google Adwords and PPC advertising might offer better returns on investment.


Keyword research is a very important part of the SEO process, as targeting the right keywords could not only increase traffic to your site but could also increase your conversion rate. Deciding on the keywords to target comes down to several factors, most notably how competitive the keyword is to rank in your business market. Part of the keyword research process also involves analysing your competitiors to see how they rank for your chosen keywords. This will give us an indication of how likely you are to rank high for the keywords and also an estimated time to get there.


The information gathered from the SEO Audit will provide us the areas on your website that need to updated in order for your website to be more search engine friendly. This involves updating your sites Meta-Tags with relevant keywords you are trying to target. Compressing your web page elements such as CSS files, Javascript files, Images, Videos etc to increase page load speed. Repair any broken or duplicate links.


Google like to promote popular high performing websites in relation to the search entered by the user. In order for your website to get the promotional push from Google you crave, they need to know you are a trustworthy source of information. This is where the need for high quality backlinks to your site is essential in building that brand trust and recognition. So to put it in perspective if you want ranked higher in the searches then you need more backlinks!